all to find me

all to find me

    i search labyrinths

  of emotion

for any sign

  of Life.


all to find me

    i wander a maze

  of uncertainties

to rediscover the soul

  i lost.


all to find me

    i brave enemies

  new and old;

familiar adversaries

  that feel like home.


all to find me

    i scrape at

  walls of fear,

dark as hate

  — until i remember;


all i need to find me

    is stillness

  is silence

is Love

 — but until i remember;


i risk everything;







Thank you for spending some time with me and my words.  

My prayer is that it inspires you in some way.

I wanted to let you know that my first poetry collection, entitled


is scheduled to be released

on September 1,2017.

I am so excited about this and

I would be honored if you would consider

pre-ordering your signed copy!

Here is the Pre Order link

Thank you so much

for your support!

It means the world to me!

Love and Blessings!

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Full Circle

When I was a freshman in college I knew all I wanted todo was write. I had already decided that basketball wasn’t what I wanted and that writing was going to fulfill me. (That is another story for another day.)
I had an amazing english teacher who saw my passion for reading and writing. She took me under her wing; she gave me extra assignments and weekly meetings outside of our scheduled class times. The extra work didn’t feel like work; it felt like fun.
One day she said, “Ro, you are a great writer. What do you want to do in life?”
I responded with what I knew. “I want to be a writer.”
She said, “Well what are you going to get your degree in?”
I said, “Creative writing.”
Her response would break me.
She said, “Oh no! You can’t do that. You will never make any money with that degree.”
I don’t remember her name anymore and I barely even remember what she looks like. I know she meant me no harm, but if I knew then what I know now I would have never let that derail me.
I am a creative writer. I am in a place where I am embracing it. I am allowing myself to be comfortable knowing that this is what I love to do, whether anyone ever reads my work or not, I feel comfortable knowing this is my place — this is home for me.
But that moment derailed me. It took me away from my focus. I lost my way. My motivation for being in school was drained, and eventually, I stopped going.
I hadn’t learned how to trust myself. I was ignoring my own instincts; my internal compass was telling me where I needed to be. Life is beautiful in how it will bring you to where you are meant to be — where you want to be — even after you have ignored it before. 
There are different reasons as to why we ignore what we want. Sometimes we feel like they are unacceptable or maybe we think we can’t be successful or make money doing it. We can lie to ourselves and try and fill the hole with other things. But sooner or later, we have to be honest with ourselves about what it is that we truly love. And then we have a choice. Either we follow that love or we continue to pretend. 
Alexi Panos, motivational speaker and life coach, asks the question, “What is your highest excitement?” 
My highest excitement is, and for as long as I can remember, has been writing. And when we find that place, there aren’t many feelings that quite compare to it. 
But there is a cost. Following your highest excitement comes with a sacrifice. Sometimes it means that you have to reject societies idea if what you should be and begin creating your own vision for your life. It can be scary and uncertain, but what you gain from the process is priceless.
I can’t help but think if I had chosen earlier to commit to writing where I would. But I am grateful for the path I have taken and I am grateful for where I am now. I feel like I am coming full circle. 
As they say, “All roads lead home.”

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Letter to The Chef

(Originally Posted On OCT 25, 2016) 


You had two amazing seasons.  Both saw you named Most Valuable player of the NBA and crowned world champion along with your Golden State Warriors; and the other just MVP.

Early in the season there was talks that this could be the greatest season ever for an individual.  You won 73 out of your 82 games beating the record set by the 95-96 Chicago Bulls; you won the scoring title; you were named MVP again as I mentioned already.  The NBA was yours.

All you needed was the championship.

But you lost.

We could argue that Draymond lost it for you because of his attitude.  You were up 3-1 with a chance to close LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers out for your second straight championship — but Draymond gets suspended.  Or we could talk about the injuries you may have had, which may have contributed to why you didn’t look like yourself throughout the playoffs including game 7 of the of the finals.

But I don’t want to talk about that because none of that matters.

Part of being great is being great when you have every reason not to be.

I am a fan.  I enjoy watching you and your team play.  But unlike some of your other fans I am not willing to make excuses for why you didn’t show up in game 7.  I am not willing to make excuses on how you blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.  Being great means when you have excuses for why you can’t do something, you find a way and pull off the impossible — the improbable.

So you get no excuses from me.  You choked.

But I still believe in you.  I am still a fan.  And that is why I won’t give you a pass.  If I say I believe in you I think it’s only right that I am honest about what I see.  Because we only get stronger when we accept our shortcomings and plan to improve.

I believe that you have an opportunity to show the world how you are built.  Your past two seasons have been sensational and some of us are wondering, “Can he get any better?” The answer to that question is “yes”.  That is the beauty in losing.  That is what failure does for us.  It highlights the areas where we get better.  It is humbling and can be embarrassing, especially for someone like yourself who has failed on such a public stage.

You are learning on a public stage.  You are getting better and growing in front of our eyes.

In my mind, your process to greatness begins now. And I am excited to see how you respond this season.  The world is still watching.  The question is:  what will we see?

I believe that you are primed to establish yourself, not only as one of the greatest shooters to ever play (Some of your haters think all you do is shoot.  And any who say that, don’t know basketball), but as one of the greatest basketball players to ever step foot on an NBA court.  I believe you can do it.  But only time will tell.

Blessings to you and your family,

Ro Lamb

P.S.  I will always regret seeing you in Oklahoma and not saying anything because you were talking to someone.  Next time I’m going to say something.


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