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Some could ask, “where have you been?”

“What took you so long?” and they would

Be valid questions.  I am asking the same



This has always felt true.  It has always felt

Like home.  I have been a runaway.  I have

Been trying to find what was already found.


This is my treasure that was buried by me.

I have been hunting it and calling it by names

That wasnt its name.  And I would find it and


Bury it




And again….


And again…




No more.  The treasure I have had and been

Searching for is mine.  These words, this voice,

These thoughts, and this art is mine.  


I make no vows and no promises to the future;

They end Dislocated and fractured.  What i have

is this Eternal moment with which to use as

I See Fit.  I choose to write.  


For as many moments as i can i will embed

My soul like uncut diamonds into these words.

I will engrave my being disguised as poetry

Into the fabric of this universe.

Every moment I spend writing Feels like

breathing --It feels like home. So I am

Left to ask myself, “Where have you been?”

The whole time I have been here and not here.



I am here.


I am discovering and expressing

The Good, the Beauty, the Truth

Of Life through creativity --

Through the words that have always

Been scraping, screaming, to get out.


I am Here.